GTA Black Women In the UK

The technology sector in the UK

The UK was once again named TechNation’s ‘digital capital of Europe’. This ranked it as one of the best countries for its approach to innovation and technology.

Technology is now a crucial core focus of the UK education system. Children as young as five are taught coding as part of the standard curriculum.

Did you know?

  • The UK is ranked third in the world for tech unicorns (China and the US being in the first two spots), with 77 companies valued at over $1bn.
  • For the last twenty years, the number of tech companies formed in the UK has grown exponentially. This growth has continued and more recently, the region saw a jump of nearly 60% in the number of tech companies launched. 
  • Today, the UK is the go-to hub for expert knowledge, innovative application, and flawless execution

Opportunities in Technology in the UK

Tech job opportunities have increased over the last 10 years with demand for tech products and services growing crazily over the previous two years.

Tech roles in 2022 make up 14% of all job opportunities in the UK, up from 11% in 2019. 

There were around 870,000 tech and digital job vacancies available between January to May 2022. Since April, the number of open roles has decreased by 1.59%, but hiring remains 42% higher than in 2021.

While some tech companies have signalled plans to cut staff or slow their growth, the tech sector as a whole continues to grow. Roles for software developers continue to remain the most in-demand by companies. At the same time, there has also been a strong uptake in hiring for security roles by companies that are adapting to business challenges.

The UK is a very diverse community but that’s not reflected in our institutions. Women, especially Black professionals are vastly under-represented in all roles within the technology sector. This lack of representation is hindering the ability of women to succeed in the industry, as their opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship are limited. With very few women around, this can lead to unconscious but growing gender bias in company culture, leaving many women without a clear path forward.

With the visibility of women, especially of Black women being reduced in tech, it’s not considered an option for young women to choose tech careers when they don’t see role models in the industry to aspire to. 

With technology powering the world, it is imperative that more women choose careers in technology, so women are involved in designing for and with women. Young girls, women and even older women need to be inspired to study engineering and technology courses and degrees.  Necessary training is needed for staff to be trained on matters of equality and discrimination so ideal environments are available for all women to receive the adequate support system they need to thrive.

Initiatives – Why Black Women in Tech (GTA) is needed in the UK

  • Platform to inspire young talent
  • Safe space to share black experiences
  • Educate and train
  • Access to role models and have access to mentoring
  • Access and awareness of Tech Opportunities in the tech ecosystem in the UK

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