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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to normalise black female excellence to inspire generations in technology and beyond.

Global Tech Advocates Black Women In Tech, formerly known as TLA Black Women In Tech, is a not-for-profit global organisation, based in London, dedicated to building bridges of opportunities in tech by enabling black female talents to excel and companies to have access to black women of talent. We are a community of black women tech advocates of all levels and allies who support and empower diversity and inclusion.

Our mission is to inspire, support, connect the tech sphere to allow more black women to excel and tech companies to perform better through diversity & inclusion.

We partner with companies to improve diversity at the junior to board level. We advise tech companies on embedding inclusion and diversity into the DNA of their organisations. We elevate black women to inspire black women and young black girls to put themselves forward to new opportunities so they can change the dynamic in the tech space. We help organisations identify hidden bias and provide information on reducing bias and thus inclusive.

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The Voices In The Shadow Festival

The Festival Ticket & Book Pre-order Now Open

We are so excited to announce that you can now pre-order The Voices In The Shadow volume 2 book, and registration for The Festival is now open!

The Voices In The Shadow book was launched last year. After the success of volume 1, we decided to carry on with volume 2 and launch our first festival. We are capping this Festival to provide an intimate setting for you to connect with attendees, our sponsors and the speakers. Please don’t wait too long to secure your ticket.

Tickets are limited so book now

Brand member spotlight

American Express is our brand member

We are delighted to have started an ongoing partnership with American Experience in our mission to create more opportunities for Black women in tech and support American Express with its diversity agenda.

At American Express, they know that with the proper backing, people and businesses have the power to progress in incredible ways. They are proud to back their employees and customers other every step of the way.

When you join #TeamAmex, you become part of a diverse community of over 60,000 colleagues, all with a common goal to deliver an exceptional customer experience every day.

We will work closely with American Express throughout the year.

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Art in Technology

Our Art Collection for The Voices In The Shadow

We invite you to discover the luxury art collection we created for The Voices In The Shadow Volume 2. The purchase of our artwork will contribute to the production and distribution of The Voices In The Shadow Volume 2 book to schools for free across the UK and Ireland. Plus your name will be also printed in the book as an official contributor to this project.

This limited art print collection allows you to expand your art collection while supporting our mission to increase black female talent in technology.

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Career Opportunities With

Start your career at Apple

Apple is looking for talented individuals to join their Genius Bar team in stores across the UK. They know diversity includes and inclusion empowers. They chose GTA Black Women In Tech to continually strengthen their long-standing commitment to making their company more inclusive and the world more just. Nationwide Opportunities.

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Start your career at PlayStation

PlayStation has been at the forefront of interactive and digital entertainment since the debut of its first console in 1994. They are looking for more Black women to join their company to build products, software and services that will reach millions of households worldwide. Are you interested in joining their team?

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Book: The Voices In The Shadow

Discover how our book, The Voices In The Shadow, will improve representation and inspire the next generations. Distributing our book for free to schools across the UK & Ireland. Find out how to get involved as an individual and/or as a company.

The Transition into Tech Guide Available

Are you interested in starting your journey in tech, but not sure how to break-in? Well, we have created the perfect guide for you. Regardless of whether you have experience or not. Access it for now for free.

Discover your next career opportunity

We are delighted to present career opportunities with companies that are actively involved in increasing diversity in the workplace at the top first and all levels.

Brand Membership Opportunities For Committed Companies

We provide annual corporate membership opportunities to build brand relationships with our growing audience through brand outreach, events, talent acquisition and innovation activities.

This is an overview of our network: Talents at all levels

  • 15% High level (CEOs, Directors, Head of and Senior Managers)
  • 55% Mid level (Managers, Engineers, Consultants and Designers)
  • 21% Early careers (Students, Analysts, Assistants, Apprentices)
  • 6% Self-employed (Founder/Company owner)
  • 4% No job title captured/Unemployed

Post your job vacancies on our career board

With an audience of +10,000 across our membership and social media, promote your career opportunities via our job board. We also promote your vacancy opportunities on all social media channels, our weekly newsletter and your job posts will remain on our website for 60 days. Increase diversity in the workplace at the top first and all levels.

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