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Browse our range of merch including T-shirts and sweatshirts with unique and empowering designs and mugs for your morning beverages. Or, get our book The Voices In The Shadow, a collection of 51 inspiring stories from Black women in tech. All purchases support our work in supporting Black women and girls in tech.

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Dive into The Voices in the Shadow, a book amplifying the inspiring stories of 51 black women in tech worldwide, showcasing their resilience and impact in the technology landscape.

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We created this card game to help families reconnect while introducing topics such as hair, technology and culture.

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Elevate dark-skinned Black women’s beauty through our art collection. Your purchase supports the free distribution of ‘The Voices In The Shadow Volume’ books to schools, fostering black female talent in technology.

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Show your support for our mission to promote diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry by wearing our merch proudly.