Brand Services

GTA Black Women in Tech is able to reach out to talented Black Women, connect with allies, educate individuals on diversity and inclusion topics and influence the next generation to start a career in technology.


At GTA Black Women in Tech, we can help improve:

Representation and Visibility

Elevate the achievements of Black women in tech, increasing industry visibility and inspiring future generations.

Professional Development

Provide resources, mentorship, and networking to empower Black women, supporting their career growth and skill development.

Workplace Inclusivity

Raise awareness about biases, and collaborate with companies to foster diverse and welcoming work environments.

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Job promotion

Do you have amazing career opportunities you would like to share with our growing network of talented Black women in tech?


GTA Black Women in Tech offers you the opportunity to post vacancies on our website. To maximise your reach we will also share it across all our social media channels, slack and our bi-monthly newsletters.

Be part of our events

Would you like to get involved in our monthly events? GTA Black Women in Tech runs monthly events on a range of topics. Our events are aimed at professionals in tech or those looking to get into tech, tech graduates and tech businesses. We always tailor our events to be relevant to our sponsors’ needs.


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The Voices in the Shadow Book series

Would you like to be part of a timeless work of art that will showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusivity?

The Voices in the Shadow book showcases the journeys of 51 Black women in the UK who impacted the tech industry. In turn, it gives Black women and young Black girls the empowerment they need for them to feel that there is a place for them to flourish professionally. Published annually, the book coincides with a festival (of the same name) dedicated to celebrating the achievements of the women featured in its pages.

Bespoke Brand collaboration

Are you looking to collaborate with us on a bespoke project?

GTA Black Women in Tech is a team of creatives with strategy, design and marketing expertise. If you have a specific challenge you would like to address, we can offer solutions tailored specifically for your company.