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Join individuals such as Sandra Powell, Chisom Jide, Louisa Steensma, James Kibinge, Russ Shaw & Lesley Hill who have also helped us accomplish our vision.

At Global Tech Advocates Black Women In Tech, our mission is to inspire, support, and connect the tech sphere to allow more black women to excel and tech companies to perform better through diversity and inclusion.
We elevate black women to inspire black women and young black girls to put themselves forward to new opportunities so they can change the dynamic in the tech space. We help organisations identify hidden biases and provide information on reducing prejudice and thus inclusion.

Our legacy activities

The Voices in The Shadow

To further our purpose, we engage in a variety of programmes and initiatives, such as publishing The Voices in the Shadow, an annual book that profiles the experiences of 51 Black women in the UK who have influenced the tech sector. It consequently gives young Black girls and women the empowerment they require to believe that there is a place for them to succeed professionally. To broaden our influence, we also provide events, master workshops, and networking opportunities. We also start chapters all over the world.

Through our book, website and communications efforts, we thank supporters and recognise their contributions. Get your name featured on our acknowledgement page of the book

Creative Awareness Campaign

2022 – Colourism Awareness Art Collection and Black Tie Event

Dark skinned Black women have been affected by prejudice and discrimination in the media, at work, and the rest of the world. In this collection, we present Black women’s unique beauty that transcends through the shadow of their melanin.

The official inauguration of our art collection took place on the 23rd of June when our distinguished guests had the opportunity to be the first to discover our collection. We would like to thank our sponsors for their support: Accenture, Discovery, HSBC, Google, Goldman Sachs, Solaris and WorkHuman. 

2023 – Lost History

Before the Volume 3 book launch and festival, we intend to create a discovery tech experience where our audience (adults & children) can discover the stories of Black women across centuries who influence the world we live in. This will be made possible with an interactive history map.

The map will remain available even after the festival and we intend to continuously add new stories.

Get an opportunity to share your views during the launch and throughout the project campaign.

We would like to invite you to join our mission. Your support can significantly improve the lives of black women and young girls seeking employment in the tech sector. To discuss your contribution and learn more about how you may get involved, please contact us.