Community Services

GTA Black Women in Tech is able to reach out to talented Black Women, connect with allies, educate individuals on diversity and inclusion topics and influence the next generation to start a career in technology.


At GTA Black Women in Tech, we can help improve:

Representation and Visibility

Elevate the achievements of Black women in tech, increasing industry visibility and inspiring future generations.

Professional Development

Provide resources, mentorship, and networking to empower Black women, supporting their career growth and skill development.

Workplace Inclusivity

Raise awareness about biases, and collaborate with companies to foster diverse and welcoming work environments.

Discover how we can work with you today

Find a new tech role

Visit our job board and find a new tech role with companies looking for diverse talent. We believe in fostering an inclusive workplace where different perspectives thrive. Explore exciting opportunities with forward-thinking organisations that value your unique skills and experiences. Your next career move awaits – start your journey today!

Become a member

As a member, you’ll unlock a world of special offers tailored just for you, along with access to enriching video training sessions and a treasure trove of additional resources. The best part? Membership is absolutely FREE! Explore exciting content, and indulge in the perks reserved exclusively for our members.

Become a brand ambassador

Our brand ambassadors play a pivotal role in embodying our brand and communicating our message to both followers and our community. The objectives of our brand ambassador program are to actively engage our community, enhance brand recognition, and broaden the global reach and support for our organisation.

Attend our events

GTA Black Women in Tech hosts monthly events online or in-person. Bringing together business professionals, entrepreneurs and companies discussing a range of different topics. These events are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded technology and digital businesses/individuals.