Welcome to our Brand Ambassador programme


Our brand ambassadors play a crucial role in representing our brand and sharing our message with followers and our community. The goals of our brand ambassador program are to actively involve our community, increase brand awareness and expand our organisation’s reach and support across the world. Our community audiences are black women already in tech, and black women looking to get into tech. We also aspire to inspire more black women and girls to get into tech. We are looking to expand in Europe and the rest of the world.


Our Purpose, Vision and Mission


Our vision is to normalise black female excellence. We actively build bridges of opportunities in tech by enabling black female talents to excel and companies to have access to black women of talent. Our mission is to inspire, support, and connect the tech sphere to allow more black women to excel and tech companies to perform better through diversity & inclusion. We elevate black women to inspire black women and young black girls to put themselves forward to new opportunities so they can change the dynamic in the tech space.



Brand ambassador roles


We believe that success is better when achieved as a community. This is why we created our brand ambassador roles to allow you to actively support us. You volunteer your time in exchange for the opportunity to give back, raise your profile in the tech industry, raise for speaker profile and represent our GTA Black Women In Tech brand.


Regional Brand Ambassadors


The Regional Ambassador is a leadership position responsible for leading strategic activities, representing the organisation at regional events, and overseeing the delivery of monthly activities of ambassadors within their designated region.

  • Act as a Spokesperson at Regional Events
  • Lead Monthly Chapter Ambassador Activities and Meetings
  • Collaborate with Local ambassadors


Regional Brand Ambassador application


Schools/Universities Relationship Brand Ambassadors

The Schools Relationship Ambassador is a vital member of the GTA Black Women in Tech team, responsible for cultivating relationships with educational institutions. This role involves arranging school visits, conducting sessions with students & school leadership, and facilitating partnerships to encourage Black girls’ participation in technology.

  • Arrange School Visits
  • Conduct Sessions with Schools
  • Research and Identify Potential Partnerships
  • Collaborate with the Research Support Ambassador


Schools Relationship application


Research Support Brand Ambassadors

The Research Support Ambassador plays a critical role in providing valuable information to support GTA Black Women in Tech initiatives. This includes identifying potential companies for the Germany tech tour and researching organisations offering grants, tech initiatives, and training programs for Black women transitioning into tech careers.

  • Research Potential Companies for the Germany Tech Tour
  • Identify Organisations Offering Grants or Training Programs
  • Provide Comprehensive Information for Decision Making


Research Support application


Comms Support Brand Ambassadors

The Comms Support Ambassador is a key team member responsible for managing communication channels, fostering engagement, and showcasing the accomplishments of Black women in tech and relevant tech news. This role involves overseeing platforms like Slack and LinkedIn, as well as implementing features like “Woman of the Week” to highlight notable achievements.

  • Monitor and Engage in Slack Discussions
  • Coordinate and Schedule Social Media Posts
  • Feature a Notable Woman in Tech Each Week
  • Contribute to the Overall Communication Strategy


Comms Support application


Event Moderation Brand Ambassadors

The Event Moderation Ambassador (Offline and Online) is a key contributor to the success of GTA Black Women in Tech events, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for participants in both virtual and physical settings. This role involves moderating discussions, facilitating Q&A sessions, and maintaining an inclusive atmosphere.

  • Monitor and Manage Discussions
  • Facilitate Q&A Sessions
  • Resolve Technical Issues


Event Moderation application


Event Onsite Support Brand Ambassadors

The Event Onsite Support Ambassador plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience of GTA Black Women in Tech offline events by providing hands-on assistance. This individual will be responsible for event setup and breakdown, managing registration desks, addressing onsite challenges, and collaborating with the Event Moderation Ambassador for a seamless event flow.

  • Assist with Event Setup and Breakdown
  • Manage Registration Desks
  • Address OnSite Challenges and Inquiries
  • Collaborate with the Event Moderation Ambassador


Event Onsite Support application


How do we support you?


To help you successfully lead or support the growth of your chapter, we will provide you with our chapter growth step-by-step guide, online support and regional meetings with other ambassadors.


Brand ambassador guidelines:


As a brand ambassador, you will be expected to follow these guidelines:

  • Maintain a strong understanding of the brand’s values and messaging, and consistently represent the brand positively and professionally.
  • Share or reshare one social media post minimum per month featuring GTA Black Women’s activities, along with a personal message or story.
  • Support two GTA Black Women In Tech events per year.
  • Follow all brand guidelines, including using approved hashtags and tagging us in your posts. Request marketing and design template assets to the UK head office team.


To qualify as a GTA Black Women In Tech brand ambassador, you must:


  • You must be active on social media.
  • Be passionate about our brand and its message.
  • Have good communication and interpersonal skills.




As our brand ambassador, you will receive the following benefits:

  • After 6 successful months as an ambassador, receive your brand ambassador pack
  • Your profile will be added to our website with a LinkedIn link
  • Add your brand ambassador position to your LinkedIn profile to raise your credibility
  • Priority access to our on-invite-only events
  • Speaking  and moderating opportunities at our events
  • Represent and speak at external events on behalf of the brand
  • Attend The Voices In The Shadow Festival with a VIP pass
  • Receive a copy of The Voices In The Shadow book to celebrate every year as our ambassador. You need to complete 6 successful months as a brand ambassador

The Brand Ambassador pack includes:

Brand Ambassador notebook
"She's The Boss" mug
"She's The Boss" hoodie



  • How long can I be a brand ambassador? You can remain an ambassador as long as you complete the minimum requirements to stay on the programme.
  • Is it paid? No this is a volunteer programme that has been created based on demand from our community.
  • Can I be involved across various chapters? Yes, you can but don’t take more than you can handle.
  • Do you provide any marketing and design support to launch a chapter? Yes, our UK head office team will support you with setting up: your email address, and your LinkedIn page. We also create all your marketing collaterals such as PPT templates, social media templates, newsletters and more. The UK head office creates everything brand and marketing assets but you are in charge of your communications and event topics and planning.
  • Do I need to pay for anything myself? To run or participate in a chapter, there are no financial requirements as the UK head office team will support you.
  • How do I get started? You will need to complete the ambassador application here. When approved, you will then sign your ambassador agreement so you can get started. You should be able to start within 5-21 working days.
  • Can I recommend brands to work with us? Yes, you can and we provide an introductory commission for any brand that chooses to work with us as a result of your referral. If you bring a brand specifically to your chapter, the budget remains allocated to your chapter and part to the admin and marketing activities carried out by the UK head office.
  • Is there a general code of conduct to sign up for as an ambassador? Yes, it will be made available after you have been approved as an ambassador.
  • Can my ambassador status be revoked? Yes if you do not comply with the duties, bring the brand into disrepute or there is a conflict of interest.
  • Who to contact if I wish to stand down from the ambassador role? Contact your regional ambassador and UK head office point of contact.