Let's revolutionise learning

GTA Black Women In Tech is proud to work with Udemy to provide more career opportunities, at senior to junior level, to our global community.

Our mission is to create new possibilities for people and organisations everywhere by connecting them to the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a changing world. Through our global marketplace platform, we provide the tools learners, instructors, and enterprises need to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. 

We believe in opening knowledge to all, from all. With a platform that truly welcomes everyone, we enable a community of diverse subject matter experts to share their knowledge with the world. We believe experts are everywhere and learners should have the opportunity to be taught by someone who is a representation of themselves. With this core belief, we have been intentional about tapping into the expertise of people from all walks of life.

Our Culture and Values

At Udemy, we’re working toward an important goal to provide flexible, effective skill development that empowers organisations and individuals. We care a lot about executing on this and how we achieve this. Our values guide how we do business and interact with each other, our instructors, our students, and our partners.

We define our values in terms of specific observable behaviours and hold ourselves accountable to being an amazing place to work, while doing amazing work.


When people feel supported, everyone benefits. We know that doesn’t just happen, but we’re dedicated to making it a reality. We’re building teams as diverse as the people who use our platform. That way, we learn to see things from every perspective.


Learning is who we are — inside and out. One reason we’re so motivated to continue to open up learning worldwide is because we recognise the power it has for us at Udemy. We never stop evolving, and neither do you.


Why keep knowledge to yourself? We’d rather share it with the people who need it most. We improve the lives of the learners and instructors we serve — using our talents to empower theirs.

Explore your future with Udemy

We aspire to be as vibrant and dynamic as the communities we serve, as inquisitive as those who use our platform, and as revolutionary as the future we strive to open for everyone.

Balanced hiring

Our talent management team works in close collaboration with our BEDI recruiting partnerships to ensure our talent pools are diverse. The objective is to establish balance in our workforce across all dimensions of diversity. Our talent management team also partners with local organisations that focus on region specific areas of diversity at a global level. Finally, all our recruiters go through extensive interview training to recognise and avoid unconscious bias in their conversations and engagements. 

BEDI: Belonging, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion at Udemy


The mission of BEDI is to create an equitable, inclusive and culturally aware environment where all Udemates model behaviour and actions that foster belonging in the Udeverse.


Together we will embed BEDI into every atom of the Udeverse in such a way that Udemy becomes an employer and product of choice for those seeking to make an impact in education.

How we define BEDI at Udemy

1. Belonging

Belonging is the feeling of acceptance, safety, support, and worth that comes from being part of a community that embraces your authentic self. It is a general sense of acceptance and inclusion as a valued essential group member.

2. Equity

While equity refers to equal access to resources needed to achieve success, equity refers to fairness and justice in both the process and the outcomes. It comes from recognising that each individual has different needs, distinct challenges, and systemic barriers to overcome. Equity requires a commitment to assisting individuals with the support they need when barriers arise and a continued effort to break down barriers.

3. Diversity

Diversity encompasses the range of the similarities and differences each individual brings to the workplace. it is the recognition and appreciation of what makes someone who they are by respecting their individuality and seeing it as a strength.

4. Inclusion

Inclusion is a state if being accepted, values, respected, and supported. It is the process of creating psychological safety and fostering a culture that appreciated and effectively utilises each team member’s unique talents, skills, opinions, and perspectives.

BEDI Council

The BEDI Council is a cross-functional advisory board to our executive staff, whose membership includes employees from around the world and across all levels of the organisation from executive leadership to individual contributor roles.

Employee Resource Groups

To foster the sense of belonging and inclusion, our employees established employee resource groups (ERGs). We have a total of 10 ERGs that represent various dimensions of diversity and to date have over 570 members; which is almost half of our employee base.