‘Transition into Tech’ is GTA Black Women In Tech’s latest campaign showcasing inspiring stories of Black women who have successfully made a career transition into the tech industry.


As we navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape it’s crucial to recognise the unique perspectives and talents that black women bring to the table. ‘Transition Into Tech’ is more than just a campaign; it’s a call to action, a beacon of inspiration for those seeking a pathway to a rewarding and impactful career in technology.

Discover the inspiring journeys of pioneering women in tech, access empowering tools and resources, and join a network fostering diversity and championing excellence in our ‘Transition Into Tech’ campaign.

Here are the stories of the women from our community.

Federal Employee to Associate Director of Planning and Partnerships

Sales Coordinator to UX Researcher

Paralegal to Data & Analytics Manager

Electrical Engineer to Software Developer

Recruitment Administration to Program Manager (AI for Science)

Business Manager to Chief Digital Officer

Pharmaceutical Science to Data Scientist

Pharmaceutical Science to Data Scientist

International Development to Data Analytics

Chemical Engineer to Tech Project Manager

Primary School Lesson Plans to Social Media Business Plans

Customer Service Agent to Senior Product Manager

Midwife to Associate Systems Engineer

Accountant to Data Scientist

Kenya Fairley

From: Federal Employee

To: Associate Director of Planning and Partnerships

Currently works at: Bumble Inc.

Meet Kenya: Formerly a grants administrator, Kenya bridges gaps between collective care of dating app users and a range of expertise. She uses relationship building, strategic thinking, and resourcefulness to find compassion and common ground to make the internet a safer place to be.

Edwina Fautrai

From: Sales Coordinator

To: UX Researcher

Currently works at: Brevo

Meet Edwina : Once a Sales Coordinator at Getty Images, Edwina discovered the world of UX after being made redundant. After a quick transition, she now works as a UX Researcher / Research Ops with a multi squad product team on their day to day research studies but also on the optimization of the processes to amplify the value and impact of research. On her spare time, she mentors POC who are trying to transition into the field.

Annette Obika Mbatha

From: Recruitment Administration

To: Program Manager (AI for Science)

Currently works at: Google DeepMind

Meet Annette: Annette found herself in recruitment after finishing her studies in psychology and looking for a people-focused role. Her passion for motivating people and thirst for learning new domains has found her managing the R&D at a world-leading ‘AI for Science’ program, where she’s managed the launch of multiple scientific breakthroughs and published in top-tier journals. She’s soon taking on a new adventure to lead an AI Biotech start-up. And guess what – she can’t write a single line of code.

Tina Akpogheneta

From: Business Manager

To: Chief Digital Officer

Currently works at: H&F Council

Meet Tina: A former Business Manager with a passion for progression, and a gift for understanding business and ‘translating’ between ‘the business’ and IT. Tina put in the hard work and invested in herself in order to get to the highest possible level in IT, including working to change her mindset in order to have the courage to say yes.

Marsha Castello

From: International Development

To: Data Analytics

Currently works at: The UK Civil Service

Meet Marsha: Marsha has always had a profound interest in both International Development, and technological innovation. However in the past, STEM had always been perceived as a male domain. Marsha achieved a Masters in International Business and Development, and worked for what was the Department for International Development within Trade Policy. Then later discovered Data Analysis and coding, developed a love for using Data to illuminate a story and now is an experienced and certified Data Analyst also trained in Software Engineering and AI & Machine Learning.

Tierra Mcdonald

From: Chemical Engineer

To: Tech Project Manager

Currently works at: T. Mack & Co. Consulting



Meet Tierra: After working in several aspects of Chemical Engineering (Pharmaceutical Research, Environmental Engineering, Process Engineering), Tierra had a holiday visit with a Uni friend that’s a Tech Consultant. Being exposed to a sector of tech that did not rely on hard coding expertise, she decided to assess how she can use her transferable skills to “break into tech.” Shortly after, Tierra attended a University Continuing Education program to attain a certificate in Technology Project Management. Her first role was as an IT Assistant Project Manager for a logistics company and she continues to enjoy working as a Project Manager in a variety of tech spaces. Tierra is now launching Project Management/Coordination services particularly for STEM non-profit organizations as her passion has always been to advocate for and support minorities in STEM.

Nicole Ayesu Nelson

From: Customer Service Agent

To: Senior Product Manager

Currently works at: Ayesu Consulting

Meet Nicole: In just five years, Nicole went from a Customer Service Agent in a Tech Start-Up to a Product Lead in a Digital Bank. While continuing to build her Product Management career in Tech Consultancy, Nicole is passionate about using her skills and experiences to empower other ambitious professionals through her work as a dedicated Career Coach.

Camille Downie

From: Midwife

To: Associate Systems Engineer

Currently works at: Tesco Bank

Meet Camille: A midwife for 8 years with a long-term curiosity for web and application design, Camille began her transition by studying an intensive year-long conversion Masters in Software Development at the University of Strathclyde. Using her strengths in communication and her ability to adapt and learn quickly she successfully applied for and completed a 16 week bootcamp with Code First Girls which was sponsored by Tesco Bank. The company offered her an associate role as a Systems Engineer where she currently works in the Microsoft Azure team.

Wendy Amexo

From: Paralegal

To: Data & Analytics Manager

Currently works at: Procter & Gamble.

Meet Wendy: A former paralegal, Wendy discovered a passion for data analytics while overseeing a critical process. Her journey into tech began by honing her skills and seizing opportunities to transition into data science, prompting her to pursue a part-time Degree Apprenticeship in the field while studying full-time. Now, she’s a mentor and speaker, inspiring women to embrace tech careers. Wendy’s story exemplifies determination and the power of continuous personal and professional development.

Zanele Malinga

From: Electrical Engineer

To: Software Developer

Currently works at: Mpilo Technologies

Meet Zanele: Zanele started of as an Engineer in Training at ESKOM, particularly in the Heavy Current field. Daring to fulfil her fascination with technology, she made a leap into the software development field and has never looked back. She is now a software developer by profession and hopes to become a more versatile software developer by exploring more software technologies in her career path

Favour Ubadike

From: Pharmaceutical Science

To: Data Scientist

Currently works at: Astrazeneca

Meet Favour: After failing her penultimate year Pharmacy exams, she reflected over her 3 years as an undergraduate. She realised that what she enjoyed was understanding the story behind the lab data and the story that the data told. Through self learning and boot camps, she now works as a data scientist to analyse data patterns to gain insight and test out ideas!

Robyn Bailey

From: Sports Massage Therapist

To: Scrum Master

Currently works at: Mpilo Technologies

Meet Robyn: A former Sports Massage Therapist that has a passion for helping people, to a Scrum Master that assists her team to clear blockers and deliver quality software. Making the almost impossible possible with supporting and assisting where she can. Being part of a company that invests in you and truly embodies their values, not only makes her determined to excel in her field of work but to go leaps and bounds beyond what is needed.

Toluwalope Nancy Owolabi

From: Accountant

To: Data Scientist

Currently works at: Motability Operations

Meet Nancy: A former Accountant with a knack for data and a passion for problem solving. Nancy embarked on a self discovery journey and found her calling as a Data Scientist. Her persistence, resilience, focus, and adaptability is an inspiration to others. She now works as a Data Scientist, using both her technical skills and soft skills to improve the lives of disabled people.

Hannah Spence

From: Primary School Lesson Plans

To: Social Media Business Plans

Currently works at: Clockflower Solutions

Meet Hannah: After a decade long career as a primary school teacher, Hannah wanted to pursue her love of learning and creativity. She decided to launch her own social media marketing company. She now supports start-up service based business owners to leverage their social media platforms to grow their communities, nurture leads and generate £10,000s of revenue for their businesses.

Transition into Tech Guide

If you are interested in starting your journey in tech, but not sure how to break-in, we have created the perfect guide for you. Regardless of whether you have experience or not, we’ll walk you through the necessary steps to get started.

You will learn what skills are needed to get your career started (don’t worry – no math or science backgrounds required!), discover common myths about the industry, and find the perfect job for you.