The Power of Allyship

Event with Unilever

Following the recent events around the world, Unilever decided to work with TLA Black Women in Tech to raise awareness and understanding about the importance of allyship.

The event was delivered for Unilever employees and for TLA members.

What did we do?

  • Event programme
  • Speaker selection and management
  • Event promotion
  • Social media communication
  • Event delivery (moderating the event, panel discussion, discussion with audience and call to actions)
  • Post-event communication (newsletter, social media and recording of the event)


Unilever has decided to extend their support to TLA Black Women In Tech through the Book and other projects. 

Testimonial from Unilever

“Thanks again for such a wonderful conversation yesterday. You really were a fantastic facilitator and we (including our speakers) thoroughly enjoyed being involved. It is such an important topic and I am glad to have been able to assist in opening up the conversation.” Lucy Barnes from Unilever


“Mirror everything you have both said! You are an incredible facilitator Flavilla. So much great feedback still coming in on our side too!” Lucinda Jones from Unilever