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Tommie Edwards is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tedbree, a technology company that provides digital transformation to forward-thinking businesses through a wide pool of creative talents from emerging countries. She is an award-winning serial Tech entrepreneur, a G20 delegate for the United Kingdom, and is named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Leaders in Tech UK by Financial Times and Inclusive Boards. Tommie seat 

It’s Tommie’s vision to be a part of a world in which businesses of all sizes have access to the tools they need to transform their organisations for growth, and exceptional talents – regardless of their age, location, race, or gender – have access to the opportunities they need to make an impact and build a career that is solely dependent on their abilities.

It is this vision that has driven Tedbree to develop a range of empowering software solutions, such as

TedbreeHub, a project platform for businesses to collaborate with top-tier talents from emerging countries on their Tech and Marketing projects.  

Bree CMS is a sophisticated platform for SMEs that allows them to create optimised e-commerce pages in less time and with zero code knowledge.

Bree Social+, a social media marketing platform for brands to create designs and easily manage their social pages.

Breeview is a platform for collecting, displaying and sharing client testimonials and evaluations on a self-service basis.

and finally…

Tedbree Nation is a social networking community for creative talents to study, meet like-minded tribes, receive hands-on work experience, get mentored on their career path; and find jobs working remotely on projects for companies all around the world.

Tommie speaks frequently and internationally on the effect of leveraging technology, the importance of collaboration, and is passionate about discussing diversity in the global digital technology ecosystem. She has been featured in a number of magazines and articles, including Forbes, director magazine, and a host of others.

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