About Ziphozethu

Ziphozethu’s Biography

While Studying for a BCom in Business Innovation in Technology at AFDA Zipho developed her passion for the creation of digital products. She has a keen interest in Business Development especially in technology that assists community and African development.  

She is capable of collaborating well with people, she believes that in life you need to work together to build up each other to create amazing projects. 

Zipho is a fast learner and I pride myself on being creative and analytical which can be useful in various forms of problem solving as well as creative and design thinking. 

She has learned and built herself up in the Usability field, she has worked on highly intensive projects and specialised in wireframing as well as conducting usability tests and various forms of research through UX methodologies. Zipho has worked on all the platforms, from mobile to web as well as apps for both smartphones and tablets. She is frequently in business meetings with stakeholders to discuss and deliver products to meet their needs.

Zipho is constantly looking to grow and expand my abilities. She likes to test herself and she wants to be the best at what she set out to do. Zipho has a tenacious attitude and a never say die determination, when she met with a challenge she looks forward to beating it and creating the best possible solution in the outcome, this is true for both her personal and business life. 

Zipho thrives in high pressure situations and this has been proven time and time again in my current job. These abilities have allowed her to grow rapidly in her career, especially being a young black woman. She looks forward to any future challenges.

Zipho is a Co-Founder of Taleapp.io, an online multimedia publishing platform for African creators. 

  • Covered Concept and Business Development 
  • Wireframing and User Experience Design 
  • Product Development and Design 

Creative Director and Executive Producer for Tale Cabana, an online podcast and web series that showcases Africa’s talented creatives who are doing amazing things in their fields. 

She runs a digital Agency called Digital Confetti that serves as a marketing & branding agency. They work with various brands and businesses on projects that vary from, web development;  branding & marketing strategies, TV/video promos; activations, and much more. 

Confetti Studio’s edge comes from having a clear understanding of the creative culture in South Africa, especially within the city of Durban. They use the energy of the bubbling creative culture to fuel our collective imagination and to deliver concepts worthy of being celebrated.

Done work for AG Inc, Zuri Online, Hospitality Training Group, Catalyst and so much more. 


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