About Precious

Precious’s Biography

Precious is a passionate Backend Engineer, Technical Writer, and advocate for Open Source and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). As an active contributor to open-source projects and with a strong commitment to representation in tech, she educates others about the importance of these sectors, and how they intersect. Precious’s dedication to DEI drives her to seize every opportunity to push for inclusivity and bridge the diversity gap.

She has a proven track record of leading and participating in impactful DEI initiatives. Precious contributes her expertise as a valued contributor to the CHAOSS project, a Linux Foundation initiative that fosters the health and sustainability of Open Source projects and communities with a strong focus on DEI. Additionally, she has served as a tutor for the ADA project, empowering and upskilling women in South East Nigeria with tech skills and facilitating their career growth.

As a lead for The Pink Summer of Tech, an annual program under NzukoLabs, a STEAM-focused organisation in South Eastern Nigeria, Precious is instrumental in introducing young women to the tech field. Her co-leadership and community engagement ensure the program’s success in nurturing future world-class professionals.

In her local environment, Precious occasionally contributes to the Google Developer’s Group (GDG) community. Beyond her professional endeavours, she nurtures her love for books and firmly believes that for tech to be truly global, it must cater to and embrace a diverse audience.


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