About Oluwatosin

Oluwatosin’s Biography

Oluwatosin (Tosin) Sonubi studied BEng in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering at Warwick University. She found her passion for data during her course and pursued a transition into tech, teaching herself programming, but capitalising on her transferable skill set.

She has only been a Data Engineer since 2021 but she has achieved an outstanding amount in that time. She credits her neurodiversity for the unique way in which she navigates the space and the challenges within it. Tosin also has experience as a DEI consultant and science communicator/speaker; she leverages all of these facets of herself in her data career.

Tosin is passionate about ‘paying it forwards’, and therefore engages in various outreach/ volunteering initiatives. She is active within groups supporting underrepresented individuals and the future of tech. With a technical background in data governance and ethics, Tosin advocates for the fair use of data and engineering for good.


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