About Olaoluwa

Olaoluwa’s Biography

Olaoluwa ‘Laolu’ is the COO of Niyo group, she has spent the last 5 years as a founding team member building a multi-award-winning Scale Up. Niyo is a group of brands that are driven by the passion to see black women economically empowered and positioned as builders and leaders in disruptive fields of  Tech. 

Niyo Hair & Beauty – Home of the UK’s first Afro Hair AR Try-on feature with salon spaces in West Midlands.

Niyo Labs – A learning platform that allows people to ‘learn and earn’, this platform is home to 1 million black women.

Niyo Dapp – A social commerce platform that rewards people for their engagement on social media platforms. 

Laolu has an unwavering commitment to excellence in Ed Tech and is regarded as a respected and sought-after leader. She holds broad experience working at the intersections of where Tech, Beauty, and Web 3.0 interact. Laolu is an advocate for black women in tech and has made outstanding contributions to the Tech ecosystem as a leader in Tech upskilling and digital advocacy. 

Laolu is passionate about leadership and operational excellence – she prides herself in having led a team of trailblazers, who are behind the success of the UK’s first Tech Bootcamp brand fostered towards Black Women, also renowned for spin-off bootcamps for Black female software developers called ‘Black Codher’, a brand that continues to gain notoriety since 2020.

Her work has been recognised by the BBC, Metro, and many Tech news platforms. She continues to play a  key role in regional digital transformation in the East & West Midlands.


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