About Nnenna

 Nnenna’s Biography

A Product Manager and Business Analyst with an MBA (in view) from Sauder School of Business, alongside a master’s & bachelor’s in computing. Nnenna possessed certifications in BA Practice (BCS), Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP), Scrum Product Owner (PSPO), & TOGAF Enterprise Architecture. With over 10 years experience working within the IT project and agile software product delivery environment, she successfully built, implemented, and delivered numerous SaaS & Mobile app products in domains including Public, Private, Insurance Services, Financial Services & FinTech, Supply Chain, Insurance and B2B + B2C software companies.

In the last decade, she has grown from being a Mathematics Teacher to Information Manager (that provided business information for Project Management) to a Systems Analyst (for a tracking and Supply Chain company), and then to becoming a mid-level Business Analyst for a Telematics Company in UK & Canada. 

Her career took off afterward; I got into senior roles in prominent organisations, achieved more remarkable feats, and built consumer software technologies. One time, while stuck in traffic at Newcastle, she noticed that the truck in front of me was covered in logos of mobile applications that I had developed- the memory always warms my heart.

She is an ardent contributor to my community and has spent the last decade in community leadership roles, where she supported and guided women of colour as a Tech Mentor by helping to begin their careers and transition into Tech careers. Nnenna worked as the Vice President of the Editorial group during Youth Service and volunteered as a Student Ambassador at the University of Chester where she not only represented the needs of fellow students at meetings but participated in creating awareness of STEM courses in High Schools. 

In addition, she got elected as Vice-Chair of the Young Professionals group for IEEE Nigeria due to her contribution to previous community engagements for students and Young Professionals and has been an active member of the British Computing Society (BCS and BCSWomen) as an Inclusion Officer 2018 and an Early Careers Advocate 2021.

Other than the above-stated, Nnenna runs a Business Analysis blog to help new and upcoming Business Analysts and Product Managers find a footstool into the field as my way of giving back to the community and has mentored up to 20 people into junior to senior-level Business Analysts & Process Analyst positions as well as hosted Career Workshops, where she taught new tech skills for BAs.

Having established herself as a professional in her field and enjoyed serving and growing others, Nnenna is now studying for an MBA at the prestigious University of British Columbia, Canada, with dreams of breaking into Higher Management (and contributing to tech advancements in my little way!).


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