About Mimi

Mimi’s Biography

Mimi Ajayi is a Product Owner at Accenture Technology, joining in 2021 with freelance and employee experience in tech, taking basic coding training in 2019 only out of curiosity. After reluctantly redirecting her career from risk management in various blue-chip firms in the City of London and Canary Wharf, in 2017 she found her place in non-coding roles such as Product Manager, Agile Product Owner, and Business Analyst. In July 2023, Mimi was recognized as Accenture Star of the Month for implementing a centre of excellence with a community of practice after identifying this enabler for the client’s business model.

Outside of Accenture, Mimi is working on an ed-tech platform that prioritises free resources in the African and Caribbean diaspora languages. Born and raised in Lagos then adulting in London, Mimi comes from three generations of dog lovers, and now proudly has dog friends on 3 continents. 


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