About Mam

Mam’s Biography

Mam is a career changer and mother of three who successfully transitioned from being a Secondary School Computer Science and ICT teacher to a Solutions Architect. Since her career switch into tech, she has given talks at conferences sharing DevSecOps practices with a large group of Java Developers and Systems Engineers.

Mam is passionate about educating, empowering, and encouraging more women from underprivileged backgrounds to get into tech. She is a member of the career development subcommittee team for the black TMRG group at GitLab who create workshops to help black team members excel in their roles. Mam is a member of many tech communities such as Coding Black Females, Black Girls In Tech, BYP Network to name a few because their goals align with hers.

Recently, Mam participated in her Local Primary School Career Fair to open the children’s minds to a huge range of tech career choices and broaden their job aspiration horizons. She is a continuous learner and strives to learn and teach others new skills. Mam is transparent about her progress, challenges and wins and shares it to motivate others. While she’s not busy working, she enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors with her family.


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