About Evelyn

Evelyn’s Biography

Evelyn is a highly skilled Full-stack Software Developer with a strong passion for training and mentorship. She holds multiple degrees in computer science and business and has gained valuable experience working for various technology companies. Currently, Evelyn is working as a software engineer at Accenture while also serving as a research fellow at Trinity College Dublin.

In 2020, Evelyn led a team of three girls to emerge as the winners of a Global Technology Challenge. This prestigious competition has 5,600 participants, and Evelyn’s team came first. 

Evelyn’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech industry led her to establish Phase Innovate Ireland. As a founder, she is dedicated to mentoring and providing training opportunities for underrepresented communities in the tech field. Her impactful work in this domain has garnered recognition both locally and internationally.

In recognition of her efforts, Evelyn received the Diversity in Tech Award in 2020 in Ireland. This accolade further underscores her dedication to creating a more inclusive and diverse tech industry. Additionally, she was nominated for the Woman of Europe Award in 2020.

Currently, Evelyn is actively involved in research on Generative AI in the Blockchain space. Her exploration of this cutting-edge field demonstrates her commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and contributing to the advancement of knowledge in her domain.


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