About Eloho

Eloho’s Biography

Eloho Kemi is a Machine Learning Scientist with a passion for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in the fintech industry. With 1 year of experience in the field, Eloho has already made notable contributions to the development of advanced AI models and systems.

Notably, Eloho successfully worked on a computer vision project, where she built a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) trained on abstract expressionism artwork. This project showcased her ability to combine artistic concepts with technical expertise.

Currently, Eloho is focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP) models for Named Entity Recognition in financial administration. Her proficiency in Python, TensorFlow, Docker, MongoDB, and Linux enables her to develop robust and scalable solutions.

With a background in Electronic Engineering and previous experience as a Quantity Surveyor, Eloho brings a unique blend of technical expertise and project management skills to her role. Her proficiency in deep learning algorithms, data analytics, and neural networks makes her a valuable asset in solving complex challenges.


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