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Chinazor’s Biography

Chinazor’s career growth has been organic, from interning as Assistant Technical Manager in Computer Warehouse Group to Application Support Engineer at United African Companies of Nigeria (UACN) and Technical Account Officer/Hardware Engineer at Standard Chartered Bank and First City Monument Bank.

From there, she moved into Telecommunications at Interconnect Clearinghouse Nigeria Limited as a Switch and Transmission Engineer, rose to an IT Executive, carried out stellar projects, including Network Monitoring System using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, owned the giant Mobile Number Portability Product for the nation and under her leadership introduced many features, which are still in use till date. These outstanding contributions fetched Chinazor much recognition, and she was made the Team Lead for Technical Support, where she was also overseeing and managing the Data Center and the Number Portability Clearinghouse.

Little did she knows that her accomplishments were being noticed; she soon got headhunted by an International Company supporting Microsoft called Tek Experts as a Team Manager of Office 365 Commercials Line of Business for the North America and Asia Pacific Great China regions.

Per leadership,  Chinazor has accomplishments as a transformational leader with an astute belief that performance is objective, never subjective, and only Potential is subjective. They are proven through leading subordinates and inculcating soft skills for managing end users, especially the non-tech savvy, prioritising simultaneous incident calls and enlightening end users on the Root Cause Analysis of their
issues and how they could avert a recurrence.

Chinazor introduced routine preventive maintenance, which significantly reduced the rate of corrective maintenance experienced, which explains that she has excellent customer service skills, an inherent ability, and a desire to reproduce my kind professionally.

Chinazor’s organic growth exposed her to responsibilities that require a good technical background, excellent presentation and communication skills, and demonstrating competence as a good team player and a team leader. She has used these qualities to achieve corporate and personal goals; she dares to replicate and improve upon the same anytime, anywhere, under any conditions.

Chinazor has acquired many Information Technology Certifications in her quest for professionalism. Her flair for the French language made her acquire the Alliance Française Certificate – Certificat d’Etudes de Française Pratique 1.

Chinazor dares to give back significantly. She stands with Phil Collins that in teaching, you learn, and in learning, you teach. She coaches, mentor, and impact youths and women in technology on how they can tap into the innovations through regularly organising tech symposiums for youths and young adults and a special mentorship class for youths sent on scholarship to study in India; this attracts acclaimed Tech and entrepreneurial speakers.

Chinazor works with her female Ukraine-trained Doctor Friend to enlighten women and create awareness of their total health and the place of good nutrition and diet in health, not just the traditional method of using medicine. She is also part of the movement for the 1 million Women in Robotic Process Automation initiative with a female friend founder in South Africa.

Chinazor regularly receives speaking invites for colossal Tech events such as the Women in Technology Africa (WiTA) Cape Town on “Pathways to Technical Roles for Non-Technical Professionals”. Women in Data Science Conference at Stanford on Data Science Transformation in Telecommunication, Cyber Security, Women in Intellectual Property and Intelligent Automation Events, and much more. Some of which she honours, and some, her calling as a wife and mother, will deter her from honouring.

These she delights to do outside her regular work hours, the chiefest being helping Stay-at-Home Mums find a position in their opposition just like she did. And this is our core at Niyo Group, a technology company tirelessly dedicated to economically empowering black women to become builders of high-impact industries and ecosystems in the UK and beyond. The goal is to equip the black woman with the 21st-century high-impact skills needed to reduce poverty and increase sustainable employment and economic growth through technology, where she champions the Data Analytics Bootcamp.


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