About Chibby

Chibby’s Biography

Chibby Dangana is a UK Tech Nation Global Talent (2019), and an organised Data Strategist with the ability to drive company-wide improvement and inspire successful high achieving teams. Through sound decision making and leadership, I have aided past employers, including BAO Systems, Family Health International (FHI 360), and Save the Children International (SCI) in accomplishing short and long-term goals.

I strongly believe it is pertinent for every organisation to adopt a more data driven culture, considering the times we are in (effects of Covid19 pandemic), where data plays a huge role in making informed decisions organisationally, ensuring that implementation of data practices that shape the people, processes and technology to support business goals are in place is critical.

I am passionate about impacting lives and creating change, as a result I founded Reeach in 2021, Reeach is a Social enterprise focused on adapting technology to close the Integration and Lifestyle gaps within an emerging market (migrant ethnic minorities) in the United Kingdom, I also recently launched an e-commerce platform called CeeDee’s, Ceedees is a Made in Africa fashion brand with a mission to bring the vibrant and rich culture of African clothing and accessories to the UK market.


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