About Aurelie

Aurelie’s Biography

Aurelie Coridon is a bilingual (French/English) and London based Digital Experience Marketing Manager with over 15 years’ experience in digital and CRM gained across several industries, several brands and markets.

She is currently working on a client with Accenture, where she manages their loyalty programme as CRM Lead. Using customer data as a driver and navigating through complex processes, Aurelie has designed strategic solutions and recommendations, including new key initiatives tailored to the client’s needs, targets and business priorities.

Since joining Accenture Song in 2021 as a consultant, she rapidly demonstrated great abilities in leading important and strategic projects and has been promoted to manager within 18 months.

Prior to joining Accenture, Aurelie’s past-experience includes data strategy and monetisation, email marketing and best practices, CRM and communication strategy, deliverability, multichannel customer experience, and transformation projects, along with team management for several years.

Aurelie continues now to develop her expertise around CRM, Marketing, Data and Customer Experience with training and courses, with the objective of becoming a role model for her son and more widely for the Afro-Caribbean community.


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