About Andrea

Andrea‘s Biography

Andrea Asamoah is a skilled, senior software engineer with full stack experience. She enjoys sharing her knowledge, has an eye for detail, and is passionate about helping others reach their full potential.

Andrea has been a key engineer in multiple global projects within cross-discipline teams, whilst supporting both internal and external customers. Early on in her career, she was a lead domain engineer in a global subledger project. This included transforming requirements from business analysts, as well as extracting, enriching, and mapping financial data. Moving to the healthcare industry, Andrea was also an instrumental engineer in initiating and working on a proof of concept, to demonstrate the insights from machine learning models, on patient and physician data. One of the models helped to classify the likelihood of a patient being diagnosed with a rare disease, based on their healthcare history and the patterns of similar patients. From starting in a small team of seven to supporting the build-up of a global team in India, Poland and London, UK, the application evolved from a proof of concept to a global subscription-based application with live users.

Andrea has a strong passion for mentoring and coaching others, in areas such as coding, transitioning into the technology industry, as well as personal growth and development. She presented in one of the Codebar monthly sessions to share shortcuts and tips for using a development environment. The Codebar charity was designed to support the growth of a diverse technical community through coding workshops. Andrea’s mentoring capabilities have also included, leading bi-weekly cluster mentoring sessions, as part of a Black Engagement technical network. During the cluster mentoring, mentees shared a common goal of problem solving with code, testing, and general learning practices. She is also a mentor on the Meet-a-Mentor platform supporting mentees from various locations, including Ghana, Michigan, and Cape Verde. Andrea has relished supporting the development of others from such diverse environments and continued to use her experiences to support others to actualise their potential


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