For Startups and small tech companies

Diversity and inclusion is still a challenge for many tech companies. They understand its importance but lack the ability to implement a strategy.

TLA Black Women in Tech intend to produce a diversity and inclusion practical guide that will present diversity and inclusion strategies for growth. To ensure it is practical, it will include case studies of tech startups and small tech companies who have successfully implemented a diversity and inclusion strategy to scale up their company, whilst supporting a diverse and inclusive work environment.

The practical diversity and inclusion guide will cover

  • All the various aspects of diversity and inclusion, not just the black woman challenge
  • How to recruit diverse talent
  • How to keep and help them grow within your company
  • How to create a great culture that is inclusive
  • Real case studies to support best practice
  • More insights

How to get involved and the benefits for your brand

Your involvement in this report gives you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your brand reach through tech companies as we will conduct a global campaign
  • Present your brand company and brand stories in the guide
  • Be recognised as a brand ally in promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Attract diverse talent and other stakeholders
  • PR and branding exposure


Expected distribution: 15,000 tech startups and tech SMEs in the UK
Release Date: May 2021