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Stephanie’s Biography


Thank you for reading my story and visiting my page.


Stephanie Eje is currently studying Master’s in Data Analytics at Dublin Business School, prior to this, she worked as a Customer Success Manager for a SAAS company called Accounteer. Stephanie has over 6 years of experience in finance, technology, education, and consulting. She is passionate about innovation, technology, people management and advocating for more. 

Stephanie holds a BSc in Banking and Finance from Covenant University, an MSC in Finance also from Covenant University and currently studying an MSC in Data Analytics from Dublin Business School. This program has allowed her to build a network of like-minded individuals in her organisation and a Sponsorship relationship.  

Prior to studying data analytics, she has an extensive experience in customer success in financial technology and started a community of customer success called Customer Success Africa. Customer Success Africa has a pool of customer success personnel, account manager etc, we groom and mentor and outsources talents to start-up companies. 

Outside her 9 -5 and studying, Stephanie spends time creating content on YouTube and podcasts, volunteering etc.