About Stefania Darkoa Amankwah-Tia

Stefania’s Biography


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Stefania Darkoa Amankwah-Tia is a multilingual nurse, a travel enthusiast and a Msc Applied AI and Data Analytics student that is always eager to go beyond her comfort zone. She’s always searching for ways to add value to herself and is ready to try new things in life. She’s not afraid of failing as she embraces the opportunity for growth hidden in facing challenges. She’s an avid reader of motivational and personal development books and spends evenings on LinkedIn reading people’s success stories, which motivate her to do more.

As one of the digital content creators for the Applied AI Society (University of Bradford), she enjoys brainstorming strategies for engaging content and finds time to educate herself, by searching for ways to become an effective leader and confident public speaker. Having taken Arts classes in Italy at a younger age, she also enjoys going to Art Galleries and travelling to explore unique natural masterpieces as a form of self-care. She also enjoys taking online photography courses for leisure. As a nurse, people have been questioning the reasons for her transition into tech. Many have found this fascinating as she already has a professional career. Despite this, Stefania strongly believes in finding multiple talents and interests in order to expand her knowledge beyond nursing.

Through this belief, she has found a new passion and now wants to build a platform where nurses can be motivated to care for themselves first and to spread their wings into the world of tech. She believes that her determination, faith, positive thinking and boldness to advocate for herself and others have been essential in her personal and professional growth. There are no limits to what to achieve in life.