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Siba is an Application Development Associate at Accenture, she is responsible for architecting, coding and deploying software applications for clients across different industries. She studied Marketing at university but is now certified in Cloud Computing. Siba is currently working on helping the women around her get into the tech industry and gain accessibility into the coding field as well as continuing her own incredible roles in her career. She has worked with an array of tech companies raising awareness while in these spaces, sharing the amazing programmes available for women inspired by tech. She is a marketing manager for Edu-Cater Global, a charity that works to nurture and inspire young girls into STEM careers. Siba was interviewed and featured in the Black Young Professionals online publication, where she spoke of disrupting the status quo, and building technology that adequately caters to the diverse society we live in. 

Contact her if you want advice on making the switch into tech and opportunities within Software Development.