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Omotola is a Software Engineer, Tech Blogger, Educator, and Content Creator. She is the face/brains behind the brand @mycodinghabits, where she shares her expertise on topics related to building for the web, programming careers, becoming a better programmer, and her tech journey. 

Her technical career started after rounding up her undergraduate degree during the pandemic in 2020. Despite the uncertain times, she was offered a Graduate role as a Backend Engineer @ Ampersand Commerce Uk. 10 months later she was promoted and now contributes to building scalable, fast and reliable e-commerce platforms for various brands across the United Kingdom. 

As a Tech Blogger/Content Creator she has written over 20+ articles, created 100+ infographics on technical-related topics across platforms such as Instagram (@mycodinghabits), SheCanCode Blog, and Hashnode. Creating valuable content for audiences who want to switch into the industry, or are currently in the industry as junior to mid-level developers is her current niche. 

As an Educator, Omotola is a volunteer for Code First Girls, an organization that has made it its mission to ensure “coding is for girls too!”. She has instructed groups of 30+ women alongside two other instructors. Where we taught programming topics related to Web Development. Candidates who finished this training have gone on to secure roles in the tech industry; this makes her proud.


Omotola also speaks and mentors whenever the opportunity comes up. “The tech industry is generous! We just need to make it more diverse.”  A motto she follows and the reason behind all this hard work is to give as much back to the community as she can and encourage more underrepresented groups to join the industry. 

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