About Nuria Manuel

Nuria’s Biography


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Nuria is the Founder of Veriom, a software governance platform predicting and diagnosing software risks, quality and economics using data analytics.

She is naturally curious and is a creative problem solver that seeks to constantly change the status quo to make improvements and innovative changes. She does so through systematic approaches that combine her diverse experience in the engineering and technology sector.

She studied Chemical Engineering and during her studies she had the opportunity to work in various sectors including Wastewater Treatment, Oil & Gas and Engineering Services.

After graduating she worked as a Product Validation Engineer in the manufacturing sector, where she implemented troubleshooting and testing strategies that improved productivity by 32% and she progressed to Senior Diagnostics Engineer working on multi-million-pound emissions improvement projects.

After transitioning to the software industry, Nuria found her passion for software quality management and after working on a diverse range of software projects, she launched Veriom.

Alongside Veriom, Nuria has a passion for supporting young women going into engineering or transitioning into tech and she also enjoys supporting tech small businesses in implementing quality assurance best practices early.