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Why should you work in tech?*


1. Have access to unlimited jobs
Technology jobs are projected to be among the fastest-growing and are in demand due to the UK’s digital skills gap. According to this report, more than five million tech jobs are expected to be added globally by 2027.

2. Get paid an above-average salary
If you’re aiming to boost your savings or jet-set around the world — a job in tech could make both these things happen, quicker. The tech industry pays a lot higher compared to other industries; Glassdoor found that on average tech jobs paid £20,000 more than non-tech jobs.

3. Have fun building the future
Who wouldn’t be part of an industry that’s building our future? It’s such an interesting time to work in the industry with new emerging technology to be worked on, other industries to be disrupted, and underserved audiences to cater for.

Source*: Serena Chana

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