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Marsha Vincent is a Global Alliance Marketing Manager currently working at technology consultancy, Avanade. She studied Communication and Media Studies at Brunel University and holds a Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Level 6 diploma in Professional Marketing, whereby she obtained a Distinction in digital strategy. 

Marsha has experience across the full marketing mix, which includes events, project management, sponsorships, communications, social media, CRM and email marketing. She has 10+ years’ experience in marketing across mainly technology consultancies and legal marketing. Marsha spent 5 years at Deloitte, working firstly in a marketing project management role and then entered the Consulting Oracle alliance where she managed sponsorships of Oracle Open World conferences and joint marketing activities across the EMEA region. This saw her travel across the world to Chicago, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Singapore, to name a few.

Marsha specialises in alliance marketing which combines the expertise of two or more organisations to promote specific technology products and services. She specifically works with Avanade, Accenture and Microsoft to ensure that joint marketing activities between the three companies are fair, brand compliant, and has a healthy representation of all companies involved. Marsha is the bridge between all companies and leads the joint co-marketing activities. This includes making sure that relevant communications flow efficiently between the companies.

Diversity and inclusion are at the top of Marsha’s agenda and therefore she is a Board member of the Avanade multicultural network ‘Beyond’. She specifically leads the Outreach stream which focuses on partnering with external organizations to increase the representation of people of colour in technology.

In addition, Marsha manages the marketing promotion and user experience of her sisters’ successful cake business and website. She plans to expand the cake business services into a more sustainable business model, focusing on a prevalent element and add-ons to cakes.

Website: https://bit.ly/MelsCakesLdn