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Marie is a data-driven Customer Marketing Strategist with 18 years experience delivering successful customer retention programmes on a global scale. Her experience spans multiple fast-paced and highly competitive industries, including Travel, Telecoms and Loyalty.


She is currently the Global Head of Promotions & Customer Marketing at Just Eat Takeaway, where she has led the transformation of the customer engagement strategy, joining the dots between marketing and customers’ product experience. She has integrated machine-learning and personalisation, whilst injecting a good dose of human warmth into the relationship with customers. 


She champions creativity and collaboration across all business units to deliver communications that customers care about. 


She is a strong advocate of diversity at all levels of the organisation and is actively involved in driving change that will see more people of colour being represented in the boardroom.


She has recently joined Keele University’s board as part of a Non-Executive Director apprenticeship.