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Lorna’s Biography


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Lor (Lorna Dannielle Dumba) is the rising voice of leadership from the industries creating world-class visual content at the frontiers of technology.

Her shape-shifting expertise has been crafted through senior appointments helping organisations transform how they turn stories into valued visual products. A leader of teams recognised by The Academy / BAFTA and Emmy Award bodies, she is skilled in the business of future creativity, providing purpose and performance gained as part of the senior leadership team at the world’s 1st ever B Corporation VFX / XR studio.

As a storyteller, she brings a rare mix of conversational leading edge, and high level insight at an intersection of perspectives. She has been invited to speak on branded industry panels and gained a unique listenership from her grass routes podcast (which has received over 10k downloads). She was also the voice of the world’s first responsive VR experience driven by biometrics called Strata.