About Lilian Umeakunne

Lilian’s Biography


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Lilian currently works as a Software Engineer at Accenture; she is passionate about building sustainable and inclusive solutions using technology. She holds a BSc in Agriculture and an MSc in Food Security, where she found a passion for programming after learning and using the R programming language for her dissertation in under a month. After graduation, determined to pivot into a tech career, Lilian combined a 9-5 job as an energy advisor with learning to code as a self-taught programmer, coding 3-4 hours into the night for nearly a year to acquire the skills needed to break into the tech industry. Lilian is also a mentor and an active member of tech communities for black women in technology, where she supports other women in starting careers that they love.

Recently, Lilian was awarded a winner of the 2022 Makers Women in Software Power List because of her achievements in helping other women successfully transition into tech from non-tech backgrounds.

Lilian has been a keynote speaker for the Scottish Universities Africa Alumni Network – SCOTARG 2022, the Sigma Iota Rho-Eta Alpha (SIR) at Webster University Netherlands during an annual event aimed at advancing women’s rights to education in Nigeria.

She has also delivered a talk for the Reed Women in Technology Mentoring Programme on the topic, ‘Launching Your Tech Career’, aimed at those considering a tech career as an opportunity to break some of the entry barriers and address any concerns people may have about career transition into tech.

Lilian is also a YouTuber; her channel aims at simplifying the career switch journey, drawing from her personal experiences and that of others because she believes there is a place for everyone in tech.