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Karine has a diverse background in various fields. She is a trained Data Scientist after making a career change from Chemistry which she studied at undergraduate level and Materials Science which she also obtained a first Masters degree. She made a career change and developed a passion for working with data and completed her Msc in early 2021 during the peak of the global Covid,-19 Pandemic. She is currently employed as a Business Intelligence Analyst with the Trafford Council to support the Local Authority to understand the trends and patterns of the data within their various departments and help make important decisions. 

As a Mom of 3 boys, Karine understands the challenges of multitasking with Family and building a career. She is looking to support Mums through her upcoming ‘Rainbow/Mumscan Analytics Projects’ through counselling, emotional support services, medical and material support for Mums in need in Cameroon, and also give back to her community by supporting underprivileged girls, especially those interested in STEM fields or the field of Data Science/ Analytics. 

Karine also speaks and mentors whenever the opportunity comes up. The tech industry is full of amazing opportunities, we just need to take the challenge, work hard and enjoy the many opportunities it offers. 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/karine-chi-nkwenti-6a02a64a/