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Jercia Araujo is a Data Specialist Consultant at CAPCO where she works on the implementation of process automation by utilising multiple programming languages. She has also delivered data-driven financial insights through effective data management and visualisation, thus bridging the gap between finance and data analytics. She also delivered corporate talks for CAPCO at Black Young Professionals Network conferences. As of Fall 2021 she began mentoring post-graduate students interested in pursuing a career in finance for Mosaic. After completing a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, she proceeded to and completed a postgraduate degree in Advanced Chemical Engineering. She has won multiple academic awards from an Engineering Masters-Based Internship at the University of Birmingham and Academic Excellence at the University of Hull.

She is an active member of the community who has previously organised and treasured several events to raise funds for Unicef. Jercia is passionate about equity in the corporate financial environment and supporting women in technology. She has participated in various corporate mentorship schemes, where she focuses on providing guidance and motivation to sixth form students of STEM education. She is an aspiring children’s author. In her spare time Jercia enjoys writing poetry, curling up with a good book and is a cycling enthusiast. She is also multilingual, fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.