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Hana Abdi Tech lead @ 01founders.  Also the founder of HanaCodes. The digital agency that she has run for the last 3 years, providing front-end, back-end, and social media management services to a variety of clients whose products she is passionate about, helping them bring their products and services to market. Such as Trapfruitsldn, who launched during the pandemic and gave away fruit boxes that have genuine grassroots taking on Micheal Ashford’s call during the free school meal debacle. 

Hana has worked with Audeliss & INvolve to ask UK businesses to back up their words of solidarity for #blacklivesmatter with action for change. To sign an open letter – businesses such as BT, Deloitte, Barclays, PWC, etc. 

Hana is the founder of Bridge the Gap in Tech which all started from a TWEET! 

They now have over 5,000 people, she established BTGIT with the sole intention of helping connect people/ mainly Black people from underrepresented backgrounds break into tech via a litany of training opportunities, and organisation, that normally wouldn’t have had access, and to the industry. 

She has also partnered with UK Civil service, the Notion Bar, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Uber to host events on clubhouse and zoom. 

During the pandemic she utilised her social media following by hosting coffee mornings on zoom, social sessions for developers and aspiring developers to discuss the state of their industries and how they’ve been impacted by covid as well as providing gleeful distractions from the gloomy days of our 1st, 2nd & 3rd lockdowns.

Her passion and goal is inclusivity within tech. She has utilised her expertise to teach and support people that want to break into the industrial revolution of our age. This is so important – diversity is people from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, races, education. 

Aside from the many, many, multi-hyphenates, Hana believes that the most rewarding role is a Mother, a sole parent, which is why she will always continually support and champion Mothers who are trying to get into tech.

Twitter: @Hanacodes 

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/hanaabdi