About Ego Obi

Ego’s Biography


As a Senior Technology Strategist, Ego is passionate about technology and its application to achieve global impact and practical digital transformation. 

Over the last 25+ years, she has led several Technology Innovation initiatives across many industry sectors, leading global teams across six continents. Some include Global Internet Infrastructure Solutions in Emerging Markets; Mergers & Acquisitions Technology Integration strategies; Financial Systems solutions architecture and deployment.

In her professional and personal life, despite many instances of adversity, Ego exemplifies perseverance and resilience. These qualities fuel her passion for creating organizational value as a Technology Strategist. In addition, she seeks to positively impact the lives of women and aspiring women leaders as a transformational life and career mentor, inspiring them to identify and nurture their full and endless possibilities in their personal and professional lives. 

Based in the UK, Ego is currently Head of Operations for Google Sub-Saharan Africa, partnering with African governments, policymakers, educators, entrepreneurs and businesses to shape the next wave of innovations in the region’s digital transformation journey. 

Ego is also an Author, Thought Leader, Speaker, Non-Executive Director on several boards and Doctoral Candidate with a keen interest in Moral Sensitivities in the design and development of AI Technologies.


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