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EduAbasi Chukwunweike finished top of her class in software engineering then went on to complete her master’s degree in informatics and took some other IT related courses to set herself up perfectly for a career in Information Technology. She started her IT career with Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Specialist during which she was given the award of ‘Most Valuable Player’ for the Enterprise commercial segment. After which She moved on to manage the start-up/ISV ecosystem for Microsoft west Africa.

Since she commenced her career, EduAbasi has delivered consistently on her duties and currently serves as the Start-up lead for Microsoft West and East Africa.

Upon taking up her current role as the Start-up lead for Microsoft West and East Africa, she has helped many businesses through their digital transformation journey, set up their monetization strategy, improve profitability and position themselves favourably for funding. Her success in this role has been immensely fulfilling for her; because of the way it impacts the individuals behind these businesses. The sore spot however has been the fact that there are rarely any women in the leadership of these companies.

Through her many years in the industry, she discovered that gender bias was a norm of which people had become comfortable with. Her passion to see more women in technology occupying lead roles and C-level positions drove her to question the norm and play her part in levelling the playing field for women in technology.
Wentors was the outcome of those critical questions.

EduAbasi currently leads Wentors; a global organization strategically set up to create more opportunities for women in technology by giving them a platform that connects them with female mentors in the industry. Wentors is an exciting chapter in EduAbasi’ s life and with time, her experience as the founder of Wentors would serve to inspire many more women in technology.