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Dr. Teresa Vasquez is a technical Leader, architect, full-stack software engineer, researcher, and educational advocate. Her passion is studying how user experience can inspire creativity and innovation –– especially for autistic users in the Black community.

Dr. Teresa Vasquez holds a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate of education with an emphasis in assistive technology and adult education.

As a Director of Engineering and Technology, she leads her teams with power and perspective. Aside from being a leader in the corporate tech world, Dr. Teresa Vasquez is a teacher, mentor, and advocate. She empowers adult learners and technical educators as the Lead Instructor for the evening programs at a software development bootcamp in Nashville, TN.

Independently, Dr. Teresa Vasquez has led large and small tech organizations through diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops. She’s coached thousands of tech creators to impactful, 6-figure careers through her programs Repped in Tech and DOM Effects. She is a mentor to young Black womxn and underrepresented, intersectional groups. She’s on a mission to empower them to know that they’re not alone –– that they have a place in the tech world.

Dr. Teresa Vasquez is the mother of four children, one of whom is autistic. Her motherly love and high-level education inspired her to become co-founder and CEO of Autism Possible. She creates inclusive technology education that supports underrepresented and neurodiverse tech communities.