Ambitious plans for growth

A Career in Tech Engineering with Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank reached out to us as we are aligned with their desire to increase diversity. In their ambitious to scale their business, TLA Black Women in Tech allowed them to connect with talented black women in tech at various levels.

We organised a bespoke event where Deutsche Bank could inspire our network by sharing inspiring career stories from their employees and inform about the opportunities in technology data and innovation.

What did we do?

  • Event programme
  • Speaker selection and management
  • Event promotion
  • Social media communication
  • Event delivery (moderating the event, panel discussion, discussion with audience and call to actions)
  • Post-event communication (newsletter, social media and recording of the event)

Success in numbers

Deutsche Bank’s requirement: 30 attendees

TLA Black Women Delivery in numbers:

  • Fully booked: 180 registered guests and more on the waiting list
  • 79 attendees
  • Post-event – Additional views as the event was recorded and available to all members
  • Great feedback following the event
  • Applications received through the UK and internationally

Testimonial from Deutsche Bank

We recently sponsored an event in partnership with TLA Black Women in Tech and I am already planning a full line up of events in partnership for 2021! 

All of the planning from start to finish was managed by TLA Black Women In Tech leaving me very little to plan for the event itself.  They were always available for a call, to answer any questions and make sure everything was running smoothly on the lead up to the event as well as providing me with constant updates on the planning and registrations. 

We had just the right volume of attendees and a highly engaged audience, all sourced by TLA Black Women in Tech.  TLA Black Women in Tech provided some key speakers from their network for the event which was a fantastic addition.  The whole event ran with ease in a very relaxed but still incredibly informative session.

A long and continuous partnership between Deutsche Bank and TLA Black Women in Tech I have no doubt!


Claire Malan – Technology, Data & Innovation, Deutsche Bank