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Thank you for reading my story and visiting my page.

Having aspired to be a Barrister at the age of eleven and having her first daughter at just twenty-one years’ old, Deanna’s path into technology is a non-conventional one.

Deanna is a mum of two and a Senior Cloud Technology Programme Manager, who has a wealth of experience in technology consulting, project, and programme management. Deanna has led a multitude of large scale and medium enterprise ERP and Business Transformation projects throughout her time spent in the professional services and technology industry. She has a strong interest in cloud technologies and the way in which companies are leveraging the benefit of ‘The Cloud’ to scale their businesses. She most recently delivered a full suite ERP launch project in just 17 weeks and has a strong track record of ensuring that her tech projects are delivered to the highest quality, within budget and on time.

Outside of her day job, Deanna works with SMEs on their Business Transformation Programmes. She recently led a cloud technology programme for a small business in Hatton Garden, managing a team of developers, website designers and technology vendors alike. All whilst having a day job and being a mum!

Alongside these initiatives Deanna mentor’s individuals wanting to break into the world of technology. She recently mentored a young lady who reached out to her for some advice on whether she should go to university to study law- of course Deanna advised her that Tech is the way of the world and got her involved in the projects she was managing. This young lady has now gone onto Google.

Deanna is a strong advocate for black women within the technology industry, though has an even softer spot for all women who are mothers too. Being a mother in this industry is no easy feat and so she commends those who can manage their day job and run businesses whilst nurturing their children.

Deanna believes that having a strong network is crucial. Being able to reach out to individuals within this space has paid dividends. Deanna is grateful for all her opportunities and for all of the advice she has received throughout her career. With this said she is keen to ‘pay it forward’ and so if you ever want to have a general chit-chat or would like to be mentored, please reach out to her.

Through sharing her story, Deanna hopes to inspire all women to be “bold and bullish” and wants them to remember to “go against the grain and break that status quo”. We’re all human and everyone deserves a seat at the table!