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Cristy Ajediti

Litigation Technology Consultant and Future Trainee Solicitor at Eversheds Sutherland

Cristy is an experienced Litigation Technology Consultant in the Litigation Technology team at Eversheds Sutherland. She specialises in the use of trial preparation and case management software. Cristy’s role includes educating clients and lawyers about the importance of legal technology, advising on what software best meets client needs and more recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, managing large scale virtual hearings. She joined the firm in 2018 after graduating from the University of Southampton where she studied Law.

As a Black woman in the legal technology industry, Cristy is passionate about promoting diversity and is a sub-committee member of Eversheds Sutherland’s BAME network, Verve.

Cristy has also secured a training contract with Eversheds Sutherland where she will soon begin her legal career, eventually qualifying as a commercial solicitor. Cristy has had the pleasure of representing Eversheds Sutherland at WCAN and the University of Nottingham Law Society events, speaking as a black woman and how she worked her way to a training contract. 

Despite her strong interest in law, Cristy still embraces her technology roots and recognises how tech has shaped the early stages of her career. She strives to continue to be an inspiration to young women from an ethic minority background who do not see positive role models in career positions that they aspire to be in. 

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