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From running street teams to making a music documentary, Christine spent most of my adolescence deeply entrenched in the music industry and went on to receive an undergrad degree in Music Business, followed by an MBA in Marketing and a Masters in Data Science. She managed to combine all of her passions into roles consulting and working with various music startups, venues, festivals, radio stations and labels bridging the gap between music, data & business. Originally from Baltimore, MD, USA, Christine spent 2 years in Stockholm most recently as the Head of Data & Insights for Universal Music Sweden and now calls London home working as the Director of Data & Insights for Global Marketing at Warner Music Group.

Christine is a Nigerian-American ex-pat that has worked & lived in 3 countries. In addition to regularly speaking at conferences and events on the intersection of diversity, music, marketing & tech. In her day job, she uses data from partners like Spotify, Apple & YouTube in addition to data from social networks like TikTok, Facebook & Instagram to help identify & amplify the next global superstars, bring artists & fans closer together, and set the priorities for WMG. She has created marketing models to optimize advertising, built a framework to create & track global sales benchmarks, and uses a mix of qualitative and quantitative data to craft compelling & cohesive narratives to show artists their journies and where they can go next. The most exciting part of this is expanding the idea of what a global superstar can look & sound like while working on developing artists’ projects such as Brazil’s Anitta and Nigeria’s Burna Boy, in addition to household names like Cardi B. With the globalization of music (and the right data) she finds the right audiences and delivers the right messages to ensure the next global superstars reflect the multi-cultural world we live in.

To ensure that professionals behind these artists are in a diverse, safe, and inclusive workplace, Christine is a co-chair of WMG UK’s BAME/POC Employee Resource Group. The group helped to develop a comprehensive plan to increase wellness, representation & equality within the organization. She also sits on the boards of a tech startup advising on music & data as well as EmmsTech, a non-profit centered on the advancement of women of color in tech within the Nordics.

Inspired by the dozens of people that connected with her during COVID, Christine found a way to give back to the community by creating a free hybrid event called Measure of Music–part conference, part hackathon–to introduce others to the world of music & data. The weekend-long event features talks, tutorials & panels from acclaimed companies such as Spotify, Warner Music Group, Patreon, TikTok and more, while teams create data-driven music projects to present to an audience of peers and tech/music industry execs. Overwhelmed by the response, the project portion of the event filled in just 24 hours and over 1,000 people signed up to be involved.