About Chizara Ogbonna

Chizara’s Biography



Chizara Ogbonna absolutely loves all things technology and works at a leading tech consultancy. She left school at 16 to begin a reputable degree apprenticeship and since then, has gained both a fantastic degree and over four years of invaluable experience.

She mostly rotates through different roles, so far, she has worked on projects as a technical project manager, data analyst, business analyst, java developer and an automation tester. Despite her age at the start of her apprenticeship, she was able to perform analyst-level and higher roles and is excited to show other young girls from minority backgrounds that they can do it too – tech roles aren’t any more intimidating than any other career path.

She is passionate about empowering other young girls with the skills and the confidence to pursue this career by hosting coding classes in her free time, school-leaver recruitment events, panels, workshops and mentorships because she believes it’s important to show young women the realm of possibilities in the industry and all that they can achieve especially since representation is still limited.


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