About Chisha Amaechi

Chisha’s Biography


Thank you for reading my story and visiting my page.


Chisha Amaechi is a recent career changer who currently works as a Quality Software Engineer at American Express. She used to work in the legal industry as an Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant and made the successful transition during the pandemic.

Chisha Amaechi’s passion is consistently learning new things, being curious, problem solving and showing others that if she as a mother of three can make the change into tech, then so can others. There is space for you! She gets involved in mentorship programmes in order to be able to learn and give back to others and mentored a student undertaking a Black CodHer full stack programme at Coding Black Females and CodeFirstGirls Nanodegree in her spare time.

Chisha Amaechi realises that so much more needs to be done in order to raise the playing field for Black females and wants to help those underrepresented communities. She uses her strengths in communication skills, determination, possessing a warm friendly nature, being consistent and dedicated, to help create a difference by supporting others, giving back and sharing the knowledge.