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About Chinonye Dianne Pat-Ekeji

My Biography


Dianne Pat-Ekeji is a Data Scientist at Tripledot Studios – A fast-growing mobile gaming company based in London.

Prior to being a Data Scientist, Dianne spent 3 years working at Goldman Sachs. She was an Operations Analyst in the US before relocating to the UK in 2018 and being promoted to Senior Operations Analyst there. 

She graduated with a BSc. in Chemical engineering from Howard University in Washington D.C. in 2017 and an MSc. in Data Science from The London School of Economics and political Science in 2021.

Dianne is a mentor for ‘Project Kuongoza’ – A STEMi Makers Africa’s initiative where she mentors 4 young women from different African countries to pursue their goals, particularly related to tech, education and business.

Dianne believes in going after what you want and taking action despite having fears and doubts, and she often lives by the motto “There is nothing you cannot do, because there is nothing you cannot learn.”

She enjoys creating new dishes, dancing, and having conversations with people, particularly through card games.