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Catherine is a qualified IT Project management professional with diverse experience leading multiple large scale programmes and projects simultaneously. She has a track record of operational excellence, with experience in executing evolving technology change programmes across back-office and front-office.

She is determined, adaptive, and resilient, with a ferocious work ethic which stemmed from being raised in a family that had high expectations. She is a mother to two amazing, boisterous boys and understands the challenges of raising a family whilst working full time which is always a delicate balance.

Over the years, she developed a passion for data and currently works for Amplitude, a data driven company that helps companies leverage their data to improve digital product experiences and/or better understand their customers behavior which then enables them to build data-driven products.

Catherine is also an active mentor. Her role is to provide support through one-to-one mentoring and helps mentees to achieve their potential. She offers impartial advice, encourages new experiences, positive choices and helps to inspire self-confidence in her mentees.