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Nigerian-born, British-raised, citizen of the world: Caroline “Kharo” Anjorin is the CTO and co-founder of a tech start-up that gives music fans the infrastructure to monetise music playlists they curate. The vision: re-imagine pop-culture, media consumption, the future of work, and fin-tech. 

Prior to beginning her entrepreneurship journey in 2019, she was Vice President in Engineering at Goldman Sachs. During her 8.5 years at GS  she led teams, built and shipped financial software for the firm’s institutional clients to track their assets, trades, settlements, and payments in real-time.  As technical product lead for the firm’s treasury systems, she co-led the build out of the ISA deposit and withdrawal payments rails for the UK launch of Marcus, a digital-only consumer retail bank for customers. Since meeting her co-founder  at Entrepreneur First, a six-month talent accelerator programme,  she  has been on a purpose-led mission for the creative passion economy: so that music fans can be socio-economically empowered to own cultural equity, build credit, and become less income-insecure.

When not shuttling between managing company HQ in London, doing customer development with the beachhead market in South Africa, and leading the engineering team in Nigeria – you’ll find her exploring her oasis, now post-quarantine outlet, of: “improv-culinary”, daydreaming in code, spoken word poetry, the wonderful everyday upcycling of Ikea furniture, cyberspace travel on Wikipedia, re-bingeing Nollywood web-series, impromptu hustles as a life-hacker coach, and teaching herself financial freedom. 

One thing that has been a consistent purpose in both her personal life and professional career is upholding the responsibility of everyday advocacy for:  access, opportunity, and successful outcomes for the girl-child in STEAM; equity not just equality for the Black womxn; good, and inclusive governance for Africans by Africans. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carolineanjorin